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Welcome to Elizabeth Dann Law.

I know that you are going through a difficult time right now. The problems arising within families that send people into court are of an incredibly intimate and sensitive nature. The depth of uncertainty and worry these problems cause is great. I know, because I have been the client. That is why I practice family law.

I was born, raised, and educated in Massachusetts. I grew up in the Pioneer Valley, graduated from Amherst College, and lived in Boston for several years before attending Georgetown University Law Center and New York University School of Law to earn my law degree.

I have worked with the District of Columbia Attorney General’s Office, the General Counsel of the Lincoln Center for the Arts, NYU’s General Counsel, and Legal Aid in Queens, New York. I have also worked with HarvardX, Harvard and MIT’s open, online course platform. I am a proud co-founder of the Muslim Justice League, a civil rights organization in Boston, Massachusetts. I am licensed to practice law in both Massachusetts and New York. I volunteer my time with the Women’s Bar Association Family Law Project and the Volunteer Lawyers Project.

I am a mother, entrepreneur, and attorney.

I practice family law.

I am passionate about the practice of family law. I am a divorced, single mother of three young children. I not only understand what my clients are going through; I have been through it myself and come out the other side intact.

When I meet with a client, I see a future on the other side of this difficult journey. I see the possibility of greater peace, greater growth, greater prosperity, greater joy at the end of what can be a painful and anxious process. I am proud to usher my clients through this process, so that they can rebuild their lives according to their own vision and purpose.

My goal is to help my clients free the energy that is being drained by the fear, uncertainty, pain, and anxiety about divorce, post-divorce modifications, restraining orders, prenuptial agreements, and parenting disputes. When this energy is freed, my clients are able to pursue the life they have always wanted to have. I consider being a part of each client’s journey an honor.

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